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A wife is murdered in a brutal, bloody knife attack at her rural Harrisburg, Pa., home. Almost immediately, her sleeping husband is a prime suspect. Meanwhile, a truck driver-turned serial killer is roaming the interstates for more female victims, and no one is tracking his bloody trail. Journalist John Luciew takes you inside the bungled Pennsylvania State Police investigation and traces each tortured step in a three-year journey to justice with a compelling and revealing nonfiction narrative account that reads like a novella.Youll step into the shoes of the accused husband, who quickly goes from distraught victim to prime suspect. And you will be inside the police interrogation room for his 11-hour grilling. Youll see the bloody trail of evidence police overlooked as a budding serial killer who despises women continues to prowl quiet neighborhoods in close proximity to busy truck stops and bustling interstates. You will follow the seemingly random path of the masked, black-clothed killer as he roams suburban developments during late-night human hunts. An unlocked door or an open-air patio can be the difference between life and death. This murder machine has no motive other than to kill women. Even more chilling, theres no rhyme or reason to his attacks -- other than the anonymous interstates connecting his crimes. Before hes finished, the trail of death and assault hop scotches from Pennsylvania to New Jersey to Massachusetts. Meanwhile, oblivious police in Pennsylvania are fixated on a motive. Who else but family would know that a wife would be on her patio at 2 a.m.? All signs point to her husband. A grand jury is convened. Subpoenas are issued. Homicide charges could be imminent. The clock is ticking in a real-life drama of life and death, freedom and imprisonment.How many women must suffer under a serial killers knife before he is stopped? How far will police push an innocent man? Who will piece together the murderous truth? John Luciew unravels this riveting true story and displays the bravo journalism and sharp eye for facts that have fueled his ripped-from-the-headlines fictional thrillers KILL THE STORY, ZERO TOLERANCE, SECRETS OF THE DEAD and FATAL DEAD LINES. Only this time, his chilling account of actual events will leave you wondering whether it could happen to you. Also included are two long-form narrative nonfiction pieces on life inside Pennsylvanias juvenile justice system. This journalism directly influenced and informed Luciews juvenile justice-themed thriller, ZERO TOLERANCE. See how with an extended excerpt of Zero Tolerance, also included, that shows how the facts inspired the fiction.***This nonfiction e-book single contains approx. 22,000 words.

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